Follow some of the things of our family. From my father's WWII Prisoner of War diary to events in our life.


Picture galleries of our travels over the years. Rafting, helicopters, ships, mountains, deserts. From the Artic Circle to the tip of South America.


Link to an array of my websites featuring my company, our various blogs, how-to sites and flosam generated over the years of WWW.


A portal to my local weather station. Displaying current conditions and past data back to 2011.

About the photos here

All of the photos on this web site were shot by Russell or Jan over a period of 30+ years.

Though, a small number were either shot by others using my camera (pre-selfie days) or by friends or relatives of our family.

Note that these are all free to use, so feel free to download any that you like. But, if you make a small fortune off of any of them, keep me in mind!